Deft Fox is a small personal media company focused on independent media production.
We create and produce Digital Services (Web, Social Media, Content, Design), Promotional Services (Advertising, Social Media, SEO, Campaigns, Email Marketing), and Production Services (Video, Music) as well as specific Training, Support and Consultancy.


Web, WordPress, Traffic Sites, Mobile sites
Creation, setup and administration of Responsive sites and WordPress sites as well as advanced marketing structures.

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Online Campaigns, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Services, Content
We help you to reach your audience and potential new clients by the best and quickest ways available today.From designing, setting up and administration of your social media accounts to email campaigns we can tailor make the best and most affordable solution for you.

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Design, Video, Music production
Today, it is more important than ever to have a graphical profile that attracts and appeals to the right segment of the market that you want. But to have a red line through all the needed media is not always the easiest.
We help out clients with design of promotional material from, logos, webpage, apps, banners, ads, videos and much more.
We also do film trailers, promotional video spots as well as musical scores and sound production.

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Training, Courses, Support
We provide custom training in person or online for Adobe products (Photoshop, Premiere, AE and more) as well as in music production and other areas as well.

Management, Mentor Programs, Business Development And Strategies.

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Digital marketing, Business assistance, Licensing, Production, Design, Marketing, Social Media, Campaigns, Email promotion, Video production and much more.

We takes care of Specific Services aimed towards Record Labels and musicians/Artists.