Meet: ADAKADAK The Russian DJ Robot Duck


ADAKADAK is a Russian electronic music producer, DJ, and musician. He is also a Robot Duck from the future.
His music styles span from House, Techno, NuDisco to pure Pop.
Since 2016 he has released many singles with different labels and also participated in different compilation albums.
Currently he is singned with the Label Singularity Sounds.
In 2019 he plans to release several new singles as well as perform live in clubs in Russia and all over Europe.


SINGLE – S* Robot ( Singularity Sounds 2019)
SINGLE –  I’m a Fashionista (The Music Group 2018)
SINGLE –  Keep it simple (Seveneves Records, 2018)
SINGLE – Vacation in Bulgaria (Digital Music Records 2017)

Compilation albums:

Deep Vives, Vol. 2 (Beautiful Trip Records, 2018)
Brexit (aLLriGhT ReCorDs, 2018)
Keep it Simple (2018)
Creative Music, Vol. 3 (Music Lovers, 2018)
Deep Sunset (Bright Star Records, 2017)
Sweet Harmony Music, Vol. 4 (Sweet Harmony Records, 2017)
Memo Sounds, Vol. 1 (Digital Music Records, 2017)